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Editor in Chief: Dr. Sian E. Jay
With introduction by Dr. Sandra Niessen
Photography by Ibham Jasin
Published in 2012 for Cita Tenun Indonesia

Size: 240 x 230 mm
Pages: 168 pp
ISBN: 978-602-97473-1-7
Price: US$ 29.95


After Tenun: Handwoven Textiles from Indonesia (2010), this book is the second in a series that highlights the beauty and continuing potential of traditional woven textiles. It sets out to demonstrate that, taken out of their traditional contexts as clothing and ritual artefacts, these textiles can be adapted and applied to contemporary needs within the wider market of design and fine living.

The use of textiles in Indonesia as aspects of interior design began to emerge during the colonial period as Dutch residents began expressing their enchantment with traditional textiles by lovingly displaying them in their homes. Many were also collected by visiting tourists who were inspired to adapt their patterns and motifs as décor for their homes in the Netherlands.

A group of talented and creative Indonesian designers were offered the opportunity to work with weavers and textiles to develop ideas whereby the textiles could be developed for modern homes. This book, published by Cita Tenun Indonesia—an association of women who share a passion for Indonesian traditional handwoven textiles—chronicles the very different and unique ways that each designer used the textiles, and demonstrates that with imagination and the will to try new things, a simple interior can be transformed. It is hoped that this book and the ideas encapsulated within it will be taken up, expanded and applied by designers everywhere, and within different international contexts, thus keeping the tradition of Indonesian weaving alive and relevant.

Price: US$ 29.95/IDR 290.000