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Text by Thomas Barker, Lisabona Z. Rahman, Corneles Alberto Joris, Eric Sasono, John Badalu and Deborah Gabinetti
Published in 2012 for Ministry of Education and Culture, Republic of Indonesia

Size: 220 x 220 mm
Pages: 196 pp
ISBN: 978-979-1274-64-7
Price: Non-commercial product


Good movies can be entertaining, but great movies can be life-altering. The best ones inspire you, raise your spirit and deepen your thinking. What appears on screen can also reveal the society we live in. As A Brief Cultural History of Indonesia shows, film is a modern articulation of national cultural identity. Throughout the historical stages elaborated in the book, we see that Indonesian cinema reflects the nation’s socio-political dynamic over different periods spanning almost a hundred years. The purpose of this book is to give a glimpse of the rich history of Indonesian cinema, to generate a deeper understanding of its heritage, and to contribute to the preservation of our cultural roots through the power of film. It is also a salute to the pioneers of Indonesian filmmaking for their accomplishments and the influence they had on all of us who escaped to the movies to be astonished, provoked, and delighted.