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Published in 2018 for AKU BISA

Size: 290 x 220 mm
Pages: 144 - 152 pp
ISBN: 979-8926-13-7
Price: US$ 350 per-set


There is no single source to turn to for information on Indonesia's heritage: its culture, history and natural wealth. Specialised sources are available for all fof these subjects, but no series of books has succeeded in establishing itself as an authorative general reference on Indonesia. More than 400 academics and specialists, from Indonesia and elsewhere, have been contracted to advise on and contribute to the series, which has been developed under the general guidance of a distinguished editorial advisory committee.This 10 volumes will bring together research on a wide variety of topics which translated in Bahasa Indonesia. Indonesian Heritage (Bahasa Indonesia version) will reach an audience within Indonesia, but as well it will be a way for Indonesians to reach out, to educate young people and adults in the region.

SEJARAH AWAL. ISBN 979-8926-13-7. Pages: 152 pp

MANUSIA DAN LINGKUNGAN. ISBN 979-8926-14-5. Pages: 152 pp

SEJARAH MODERN AWAL. ISBN 979-8926-15-3. Pages: 148 pp

TETUMBUHAN. ISBN 979-8926-16-1. Pages: 144 pp

MARGASATWA. ISBN 979-8926-17-X. Pages: 144 pp

ARSITEKTUR. ISBN 979-8926-18-8. Pages: 142 pp

SENI RUPA. ISBN 979-8926-19-6. Pages: 144 pp

SENI PERTUNJUKAN. ISBN 979-8926-20-X. Pages: 144 pp

AGAMA DAN KEPERCAYAAN. ISBN 979-8926-21-8. Pages: 144 pp

BAHASA DAN SASTRA. ISBN 979-8926-22-6­. Pages: 144 pp

Price: US$ 350/IDR 3.750.000 per-set