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Published in 2005 for Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Indonesia

Size: 305 x 230 mm
Pages: 255 pp
ISBN: 978-979-8926-24-2
Price: US$ 49,95


This book was inspired by the historic decision of the Republic of Indonesia to hold a Second Asian-African Summit-fifty years after the First Asian-African Conference of 1955.

A Conference of leaders representing over four billion people is no small feat. These leaders, for the second time in history, felt the need to takes matters into their own hands, realising that ini this globally inter-dependant world, aid, assistance and help are crucial to progress. However, it was the qualities of self-help, personal responsibility and the realisation that one’s own hands, that urged these leaders into action.

Asia seems to have prospered earlier since 1955 and so has a responsibility to share its experience, expertise and acquired knowledge with Africa.

Africa in turn has come to the conclusion that it can learn not only from its Western partners, but also from Asia. And Asia, in turn, has realised that it too can learn a great deal from Africa.

The cities of Jakarta and bandung on the Indonesian island of java became, for a short while, the two capitals of Asia and Africa, with more than one hundred nations attending the Summit. The two cities were also hosts to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, who was seeking international support for major reform of the United Nations.

The person behind this historic occasion, with his firm but gentle guiding hand, was Indonesian Minister for Foreign Affairs Dr. Hassan Wirajuda, who smoothly led the process from its inception to its grand finale.

Many leaders have participated in, and enriched, this book with their views. These leaders include Nelson Mandela and Mahathir Mohamad, who have both dominated newspaper front pages and the television screen of the international media for decades. Jamie Mackie, Professor Emeritus from Australia and student of Asia-Africa for fifty years, together with a variety of Indonesian scholars, also made valuable contributions to the book. It is hoped that this book successfully encapsulates fifty years of history and fifty years of hope.