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Editor in Chief: Joop Avé
Editor: Sian E. Jay
Photographer: Ibham Jasin

Size: 270 x 270 mm
Pages: 228 pp
ISBN: 978-979-8926-26-6
Price: US$ 14.95


Many books have been written about batik, but Grand Batik Interiors is arguably the first to highlight the debut of batik in the world of contemporary interior design, presenting a fresh new perspective on this most ancient of crafts.

This lavishly illustrated book unravels the historical path trod by batik over the centuries—through the lens of interior design—and documents the transformation of batik from its traditional context into the world of modernity. It examines the ways in which this cloth—with its highly-valued, deeply-embedded, and multiple layers of meaning—is being re-created through its integration into modern lifestyles informed by cosmopolitan sensibility.

The book’s master-mind, Joop Avé, has played a key role in transforming batik into an icon of the Indonesian interior design landscape himself. Whilst investing his own rich experience in promoting batik in the world of interior design—gained through decades of working in various strategic positions as well as through his connoisseur eyes—he also invites four authors to share their insights and expertise on batik, and their accounts shed light on the fascinating forays of batik into the realm of interior design, first at home and then abroad.

Price: US$ 34.95/IDR 350.000