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Preface by H. Santosa Doellah
Author: Judi Achjadi,
Contributor: Helly Minarti
Published in 2010 for Batik Danar Hadi

Size: 310 x 280 mm
Pages: 336 pp
ISBN: 978-602-98697-0-5
Price: US$ 33


This is not just another book on batik. As the home of this great art (batik is a Javanese word) Indonesia is also home to a great number of avid batik collectors. This book unfolds the rich and eclectic batik collection of one of them, H Santosa Doellah. As an heir to the founder of the batik empire, Danar Hadi, Doellah has not only inherited the wealth of a dynastic batik trade—a success story narrated in the first part of the book—but also the deep respect and passionate love of an ancient tradition that run in his family veins.

At the heart of The Glory of Batik is the collection itself, although the pieces presented here represent only a fraction of the Danar Hadi collection, a mere 301 pieces of the estimated 10,000-piece collection. Carefully selected, they cover the period from the mid-19th century to approximately 1975, divided into major styles: those of the royal courts, those produced by merchants for the courts and the public, the antithetical but sometimes imitative batik produced on Java’s north coast, and regional variations that incorporate influences emanating from long-standing contact with other cultures from all over the world. The presentation ends with a brief look at the kind of batik developed in the cauldron of nationalistic feelings following the proclamation of independence in 1945.

Lavishly illustrated with large, colourful photographs in addition to black-and-white archival photographs, and accompanied by extended captions, The Glory of Batik is an important resource for batik connoisseurs as well as a source of inspiration for creative people looking for ideas, just as the collection has inspired its creative owners, the Danar Hadi family.