BAB PUBLISHING INDONESIA has become known as the prime producer of luxury coffee-table books about Indonesia that are not only beautiful and easy on the eye, but also carry great substance which can enlighten even those who are already experts on the subject matter concerned. BAB PUBLISHING works with the best photographers and the most eloquent and knowledgeable authors and editors to produce its books, each of which is meticulously handcrafted to perfection. BAB PUBLISHING INDONESIA also boasts a strong worldwide network (UK, USA, Europe and Asia Pacific) which includes distributors, booksellers and retailers. 

To adapt itself to new trends and demands of the 21stcentury book publishing world, BAB PUBLISHING INDONESIA has transformed itself into BABBOOKS, a younger, trendier and more vibrant version of its predecessor that is also run under a new and more forward-thinking management. BABBOOKS still produces luxury coffee-table books, but it also ventures out to publish more reader-friendly (lighter, easier to carry and less expensive) books designed for the younger generation of readers. BABBOOKS is also now looking to expand the subject matter of its books by not only creating books on Indonesia, but also books that explore and discuss in-depth the wonders of Southeast Asia and the world over.